I raise Old Dutch Capuchine, Portuguese Tumblers and Homing pigeons, Peafowl, Guineas, Mottled Turkeys, Red Golden Pheasants, Muscovy Ducks and Ameraucana, Easter Egger and Cochin bantam chickens.

Silver Pied split to Cameo Peacock, Cameo Peahen, 2 Indian Blue Peahens and another young trio of an Opal Peacock and Opal Peahen both split to Black Shoulder and a Black Shoulder Peahen.


Guinea colors; Pearl, Pearl Pied, Lavender, Lavender Pied, White, Royal Purple and Purple Pied, I'm looking to add Chocolate, Slate and Buff to my flock this summer

Muscovy Ducks in a variety of colors